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Mobile phone recycling is a brand new business where recycling companies offer you a price for any old mobile phones that you may have lying around. It is still unheard of in many places and is only just developing in countries such as the U.K. and the U.S.A. so the potential of selling your old mobile phones to mobile phone recycling companies is still only being realised.

With some phone models that are on the market you can receive as much as 350 pounds when you compare prices with mobile phone recycling comparison websites like

It is estimated that there are millions if not billions of unused and discarded mobile phones lying in people’s houses in the U.K. and U.S.A. so digging these out and dusting them off could see a result that brings back a lot of money just for sending them off.

The advantages of using mobile phone recycling are:

1) Helps the environment by getting them expertly disposed of.

2) Clears up space and keeps your house tidy.

3) Gives you an unexpected cash bonus for an old phone.

4) Quick turn around and easy process that doesn’t cost you anything.

It is no doubt that mobile phone recycling is the future and as the years roll by we can only see it expand as its full true potential blossoms. So get in on it why you can and make yourself some money that can help your through the current economic climate, the more mobile phones your recycle, the more money you will get back! Blog

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