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How to Completely Delete all Data from Android Phones

I think it’s fair to say that we live in a very security conscious world and one of the central places that we keep our data, is on our trusty mobile phones. A gadget that is by our side day in day out, a device we use to shop on, bank on, and store other sensitive information on. So, really, it’s no surprise that we guard our phones with our lives.

But what happens when we come to selling our mobile phones? Instantly, we get a headache at the thought of ‘what about all the data, what am I going to do?’.

How to Completely Delete all Data from Android Phones

To put the chills up you, Avast (Security Company) carried out a study where they purchased 20 mobile phones off eBay and managed to recover more than 40,000 photos (including personal selfies), 750 emails and text messages, and over 250 contact numbers. That is the scariest part though, because with that kind of information you have the possibility of stealing identities, applying for loans, credit cards and so forth. (source:

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iPhone 7 Rumours – Apple Set to Launch 3 iPhones?

iPhone 7 Rumours

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We are in the month of both the Apple Watch and Galaxy S6/S6 Edge gadgets, but if that’s not enough for you tech enthusiasts to get your teeth stuck into then you will be thrilled to know that Apple could be releasing as many as 3 phones this September.

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What Happens to My Mobile Phone Once I Trade it In?

At we have seen over 2 million devices traded in through our site since 2008. That’s a lot of mobile devices and one of the most common questions that we are asked by our customers is what actually happens to their mobile phone or device once they have decided to trade them in? Great question and a very interesting process.

What Happens to My Mobile Phone Once I Trade it In?

So, where does your phone end up when you recycle it for cash through our site?

We are now going to show you the steps taken when your phone leaves your hands and heads off through the postal system…

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58% of Brits are Hoarding Old Mobile Phones

You wouldn’t believe it but every year that goes by up to 250 million mobile phones are replaced worldwide by new models, and in the UK alone there are over 70 million mobile phones hiding in boxes, drawers and cupboards.

Mobile Phones Traded In

As the UK’s largest online comparison site for trading in old mobile phones, we wanted to find a little bit more about mobile phone trading patterns, so we conducted an online poll with 400 people via Opinion Stage to find out how many people are still sitting on their old phones and how many shrewd Brits are actually trading them in.

Phones are a major part of our everyday lives, with apps, games and messaging platforms readily available at your fingertips so it’s no real wonder why it takes 26 hours for a person to report a lost wallet but just 68 minutes to report a lost phone. For some people though, they just can’t part ways with their beloved phones as our results below reveal…

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Top of the Morning! 7 Fun Apps to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is often associated with Guinness, Leprechauns, pots of gold and anything green, but believe it or not, a lot of people don’t really know what they are celebrating on March 17th every year! Any excuse for a good old knees up, eh?

7 Fun Apps to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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