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5 Upcoming Phones to Challenge The Smartphone Throne

We all love getting our mitts on a brand new phone, there is nothing more exciting than receiving your phone and opening the cellophane to reveal your new toy. Let’s face it, there are nowadays more Smartphone’s to choose from than ever before, and they are all very, very good.

5 Upcoming Phones to Challenge The Smartphone Throne

Did you know that Brits tend to upgrade their mobile phones every 12 – 16 months? No longer can we wait until that 24 month period where our contract renews, we want the latest phones as soon as they are released. (source:

The subject of today’s post is to take a look at the top 5 phones that you can still expect to see in 2015, along with some advice on trading in your older models.

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10 Old Classic Mobile Phones to Take You Down Memory Lane

Despite classic phones being 15-20 years old some of them still hold good value and at SellMyMobile, we still see 5% of popular old classic phones traded in year on year.

10 Old Classic Mobile Phones to Take You Down Memory Lane

I happen to be a child of the 1990’s when mobile phones were really starting to take off, and I got my very first phone back in 1998. The phone was a Nokia 5110 which held about 10 text messages, used Orange as a network provider, had games such as Snake, and benefited from changeable fascias. The phone back then cost £100, and in 2015 it has been deemed a classic in the mobile phone world.

Today, we wanted to highlight the top 10 classics that we all remember from our childhood, starting with that all-time classic I just mentioned, the Nokia 5110.

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The Top 10 Android Features You Didn’t Know About

In the last year alone have seen over 37% of phones being traded in as Android models, which is up 8% from the previous year. It’s no real surprise that Android devices appear twice in our top 5 most popular mobile phone trade-ins, with the Galaxy S4 and S3 showing in 2nd and 5th respectively.


With over 50% market share you would think that everyone knows all the little tips and tricks and handy features that Google have implemented into the Android operating system, but you would be surprised just how many features you didn’t know existed.

Thats why we wanted to unveil some of the best hidden gems that you will find in your Android phone, so when you come to upgrading you make think twice about moving from this operating system.

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What Are The Best Free Cloud Storage Services?

What Are The Best Free Cloud Storage Services That I Can Use?

For those that are struggling with space on their device recently wrote a great guide on how you can clear up storage space. One of the tips in that article focused on saving photos to the cloud, but in today’s article we wanted to elaborate a bit more on that tip, by looking into which cloud storage services are the best. After all, it’s not just photos that you can backup to the cloud; you can save videos, music, documents and much more.

With large app downloads, greater quality in photos and videos, we know just how you feel when your storage space gets eaten up quickly, so let’s take a look at some solutions to your problems.

Lucky for some, here are our 7 hot picks:

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10 Things You Need to Think About Before Selling Your iPhone

A few weeks ago we walked Android users through the best ways of removing data from their Smartphone before selling it on. Now we are going to to look at some tips to consider when you sell your iPhone; from data removal, to preparing your phone for shipping and in helping you select a new phone. Sit back and see our Top 10 tips to consider before selling you iPhone.

10 Things You Need to Think About  Before Selling Your iPhone

With the ability to do nearly everything on your phone these days (apart from making coffee), a person’s phone is essentially a gadget that collects all your personal details; from bank accounts, postal addresses, contact details, photos, text messages, emails and email addresses and even logged in apps. In the wrong hands this could be catastrophic, and could lead to identity theft which can further lead to loans being made in your name, and bank account being setup with your details.

Avast (Security Company) carried out a study where they purchased 20 mobile phones off eBay to see what could be extracted from them, worryingly enough they managed to recover more than 40,000 photos (including personal selfies), 750 emails and text messages, and over 250 contact numbers (source:

The purpose of today’s post is to show you 10 things that you need to think about doing before you sell your iPhone on.

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