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How to unlock your phone

sim-card-in-phoneWant to use a new SIM card in your mobile phone, or sell or recycle it for the highest possible price? Chances are you won’t be able to do that until it’s unlocked from its current network. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

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Should I get the new Samsung Galaxy S8?

samsung-galaxy-s8The whole tech world is abuzz with talk of the new Samsung mega-mobile: the Galaxy S8, and its taller sibling the Galaxy S8+.


As always, the two phones are technological marvels… but they also come with a flagship price tag. Thinking about buying one, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the cost? Here’s everything you need to know to help you decide.

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Did the LG G5 flop because it dared to be different?



The LG G5 was that rarest of things – a smartphone that tried to do something different. Its modular design, which let you add and remove components like better speakers and cameras, was brave. It was unique. And it was a failure.


The company’s next flagship phone – the LG G6 – is now out in the wild, and it’s a bit more… conventional. While excellent by all accounts, it’s clear that LG has retreated to the relative safety of super-sized screens and solid specs.


Which rather begs the question – is originality overrated? Is the future of phones going to consist of selling your old phones to buy a better version of the same thing? And is that necessarily a bad thing?

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8 hidden costs when you get a new mobile phone

piggy-bank-with-calculatorSo you’ve saved up your money, broken into your piggy bank, and put together the cash to buy a brand new mobile phone. But it’s not just the handset itself you might need to buy – there are a few other costs that you might not have thought about when you get a new phone or take out a new contract. Here are eight expenses you’ll want to save some budget for.


And psst… Why not sell or recycle your old phone, and use the cash you get to help swallow the costs?

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How to get rid of an old phone after Christmas

pile-of-broken-mobile-phonesDid you get a new smartphone from Santa this year? Yes? In that case, you’ve probably got your old handset hanging about, unused and gazing up at you with a tear in its eye.


Don’t give in to its guilt trips, we say: get rid of that phone once and for all by sending it off to a brand new home. Here’s everything you need to do to say goodbye to an old mobile.

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How to tell if your phone is faulty or functional

Broken phone

Eventually, everything breaks. That may sound rather depressing – especially this close to the hooray-times of Christmas – but when it comes to tech, it’s true all the same.


If you have a mobile phone for a long time, the chances are that it will develop a problem. The screen may crack, or the battery life may drop to minutes instead of hours. Perhaps the buttons stop working or the speakers no longer… speak.


If your phone’s going kaput, it’s not the end of the world though – you can still sell it. You’ll get less that you would for a fully functional phone, but it can still work out as a big chunk of change.


That said, it’s not always clear to people what constitutes a damaged or faulty phone, versus a phone in working order. So with that in mind, here are some things to check before you send your handset away, based on the tests that recyclers will perform.

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5 things we miss in old mobiles… and 5 things we don’t

phonestackMobile phones have come a long way since the humble Nokia 3310. They’re flatter, they’ve got HD screens, and you can do pretty much anything you could possibly want to do with them. In most ways, they’re infinitely better than the old bricks we used to stuff in our pockets – but you know what, there’s a few things we miss about the obsolete little gadgets.

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Need to make some fast cash? You don’t have to make it a loan

20 pound notes


Life is expensive. As you get older, your responsibilities and bills tend to inflate like an angry balloon – it’s no wonder so many of us are hurting for cash. And while there are options available for getting money quickly, not all of them are particularly desirable.


Payday loans, for example, offer immediate cash, but often come with more strings attached than the entire cast of Team America – like extortionate interest rates, and terms that strongly favour the lender to name but two.


For some people, they’re a valid option, but they’re not the sort of thing that should be entered into lightly. And certainly not without thinking about your other options first – like turning some of your unused technology into real money.

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Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Phone in Summer


Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Phone in Summer


It’s Summer and that means time to pack our suitcases ready for our holiday in search for some sun, sea and sand. Summer also marks the start of outdoor adventure and activity such as musical festivals, biking and running. One thing for sure is we we can’t be without our phones and tablets during the summer as we use these devices to capture our memories, as a means of staying connected and as a tool to read or watch a film around the pool. Unfortunately as the weather heats up so do our devices and the summer marks the time for an increase in mishaps and issues with our phones and tablets if we don’t protect them or use them correctly. SellMyMobile always want you to get the best value for your devices and avoid unnecessary damage and costs, so read our Tips to look after your devices in the summer months.

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The Rise of Second Hand Phone Buyers



We’re only a few months in to the year, and already 2016 has seen a raft of new smartphones hit the market. Is the new iPhone SE going to be a big hit or has Apple reached its peak? Are the high spec Samsung and LG devices going to do as well as the hype?


While all of these new devices are grabbing the headlines, something which no one is talking about is the rise of the second hand phone market – an area of colossal growth and expansion which, due to its magnitude, may eat in to new device market share this year. According to Technavio, in 2013 about 5.4 million phones were recycled in the UK. By 2018, it is predicted that this figure will have exploded to over 16 million. The mobile phone recycling industry is booming. If you go to buy a new phone from a high street chain, they will all offer money off a new handset if you exchange your old one. This is something we identified at a long time ago, which is why we wanted to offer people a quick and easy was to see where they could get the most cash for their old phone.

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