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Top 10 Amazing Mobile Phone Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

10 mobile phone facts

Here at we trade in over 30,000 mobile phones per month and with 1000’s of mobile models in circulation these little devices have certainly revolutionised everything in our lives. So powerful are our mobile phones that we thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the amazing and awe-inspiring mobile phone facts!

So get prepared to be amazed with our Top Ten facts!

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50 Ways That You Can Use a Mobile Phone

50 ways to use your phone

Mobile phones are a constant reminder of how far technology has advanced over the last 10-20 years. You only need to look at the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 as two major examples of the design and functionality of Smartphones, and then match them up against phones that were launched 10 years ago.

We also rely on our mobile phones on a daily basis, with most people being no further than an arms reach away from their pride and joy. In a recent study conducted by TIME we found out that 66% of Brits would rather take their mobile phone to work instead of their lunch, if given the choice.

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How to Make Money in January 2015: Our Top 5 Tips

How to make money in January 2015 – our Top 5 tips

A New Year is upon us, and this often means that people around the UK are creating their New Year’s resolutions. However, it’s not just a time for New Year’s resolutions, more often than not people in January feel the financial burden that Christmas took on them. January had been known as a month where the January Blues creep in as millions of people struggle through to the end of the month, awaiting that all important pay check.

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New Years Eve 2014 – ‘What Will The Future Bring?’ Game


Spending New Year’s Eve with the kids can be exciting because they get so excited. The idea of a new year is so amazing to kids because they’re experienced so few of them. Each new number on the calendar represents such a large percentage of their experience. Here’s an idea to include the kids in this New Year’s Eve celebrations and make the evening extra-special by playing the “What Will The Future Bring?” game.

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4 Things to Consider when Buying a Smartphone in The January Sales

mobile phones buying

With Christmas out of the way you probably have one eye on the January Sales now, and a lot of you have probably saved up your Xmas cash in order to get your hands on the latest Smartphone. Unbelievably there are over seventy percent of people in the United Kingdom who now own a smartphone, and this statistic is constantly increasing as more people come to recognise their numerous benefits.

Today’s smartphones are vastly more technologically advanced than they were just a few years ago, with the specifications of some high-end devices being comparable to those of a typical laptop computer. Smartphones are far more than just mobile phones – they are full-featured portable Web browsers, GPS locators, gaming and multimedia devices.

Considering this, it is no surprise that the decision of which smartphone to go for can be somewhat daunting for newbies.

The following takes a look at some of the key factors to think about.

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