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12 Famous Sites and What They Looked Like Years Ago

Today we bring you something a little different, we have decided to delve deep into the past and take a look at 12 famous sites and what they looked like years ago. Some of them may really surprise you, and some may not!

Old Technology

So without any further-ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane starting with the first site which is iTunes

1. iTunes, June 2001

This screenshot was taken almost 12 years ago, the days before the iPad and the iPhone, when the Mac was at centre stage for the giants of the tech world.



2. iCloud, February 2006

Now is a cloud storage and cloud computing service which was launched in 2011. However, back in 2006 it was the personal website of Insung Jung, a professor of educational technology and communications.



3. iPhone, October 1999

Possibly the most interesting of the 12 sites is which of course is now home to the pioneering handset. However, if we look back almost 15 years ago, the site was a protest site aimed at the use of the Internet as a base for making telephone calls.



4. Apple, May 1998

We can’t look back in time at other Apple sites without revisiting the main site itself. This screenshot was taken 15 years ago, 9 years before the first iPhone was launched onto the market. As you can see Apple are promoting the Mac computer and the old classic rainbow logo is present in the footer.



5. Android, September 2002

Nowadays this site provides information for users, developers and partners on the Android Operating System which was initially released back in 2008. However if we look back 6 years before the first Android release we see a site that is dedicated to the development of film and television projects in the USA.



6. O2, May 2002

Before the iPhone, iOS and Android, phones couldn’t do much more than make calls and send text messages out. This is a screenshot of the O2 site 11 years ago (check out that classic phone in the top right, can anyone guess what it is?)



7. Wired, August 2000

Nowadays the Wired site is one of the best places to get your daily dose of tech news, and back in 2000 it still stood strong providing the world with the latest in technology. Albeit the design and graphics were questionable but back then you didn’t have the tools and resources available that you do today. A very Super Mario styled logo.



8. YouTube, June 2005

The very early days of YouTube in 2005, just months after it was created by three former PayPal employees, and a year before Google bought them out. This is a classic YouTube screenshot.



9. DropBox, December 1996

This one almost goes back 20 years. DropBox today is used by million of people worldwide and acts as a web based file hosting service, however in 1996 the site was an Internet mail server.



10. BBC, March 2001

If you are looking for the latest news and weather, the BBC is usually one of the top sites you would visit to get that information. In 2001 it still provided that very same news but the layout and design of the site, told a story of that era.



11. WordPress, October 2006

2006 was only 6 years ago but in that time WordPress has become a popular content management system which is used on millions of sites worldwide. This is what the site looked like back then:



12. Google, December 2000

Finally we had to take a look at the search giant that is Google, a company and site that millions of businesses rely on today. In 12 years, nothing much as changed from the layout.


  • Jonathan Cooper

    Interesting facts on YouTube, didn’t know it was started by paypal peeps. I like the BBC :o)

  • Bill

    I wonder how much the dude who owned got paid by apple for the domain….must be set for life… Blog

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