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3 Inexplicable Problems in iOS 7

iOS 7

While iOS 7 offers many valuable and exciting new features, there are still some problems that will need to be ironed out before the system can be truly considered great.

Consumers getting acclimated to the new system may find some difficulties adjusting to the drastic visual changes, and a few of the old iOS staples have been altered enough that they are no longer as useful as they once were.

1. Bouncing Messages

The freeform, bouncing messages featured in the iOS 7 may have looked fun to the developers when they created them, but for many users they quickly outlasted their welcome. The new operating system causes messages to stretch and bounce whenever they’re scrolled through, which for some causes seasickness rather than enthusiasm. It isn’t just messages, either. The iOS 7 operating system as a whole seems to bounce, jiggle, slide, tilt and zoom around any time the user does anything, leading to an overall dizzying effect.

2. Clumsy Interface

For a company that emphasizes a clean and user-friendly design, Apple made some strangely redundant design decisions when creating the iOS 7 interface. Many gestures in the new iOS system are duplicated, which means motions like swiping downwards on your phone could either bring up a search box or give you your notifications.

Similarly, swiping upwards in some screens could close your applications or bring up the control panel. These gestures may be more controllable on larger devices such as the iPad, but on the iPhone they can be more than a little frustrating.

3. What Happened to the Apps?

When iOS 7 launched, it seemingly caught many developers completely by surprise. A quick glance at the iTunes Store a mere day after the launch revealed numerous panic-stricken notes from development teams stating that they were trying their best to fix the problem. The problem being that many old applications no longer worked.

Apple has been notorious for releasing updates that conflicted with old software and even old hardware, and the iOS 7 update was no different.

iOS 7 In Action

While the iOS 7 platform does have its problems, there’s no denying that it has added an incredible amount of value to the iPhone brand. The iOS 7 platform is sleek, sharp and stylish, and there’s no reason to believe that Apple isn’t still improving upon it behind the scenes. Blog

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