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4 Ways To Deal With App Overload


Apps are great fun. They keep us in touch with friends and family, they tell us about sales at our favourite stores, and let us know when people have commented on or liked our statuses. But have you ever looked at your phone and wondered if you’ve got too much going on? This article outlines 4 ways to deal with app overload.

1. Delete apps you don’t use anymore

Most people keep apps just in case one day they need them. That’s not a good enough reason to take up space on your phone or tablet. Delete any apps that you thought you would enjoy, but haven’t used since you got them. It’s important that you don’t buy apps on the spur of the moment because you’ll end up feeling like you have to keep them around. Next it’s time to decide how many texting apps you really need. Just because your 4 best friends use 4 different texting apps, doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Choose the one or two that are most accessible to people and stick to those.

2. Use folders to organize your apps

If you’re still reluctant to delete apps, you can create folders to keep them organized and not always in your face. Apps in folders are much less likely to distract you. You can also file apps and folders that you look at less often on a different page so that they don‘t distract you. Apps can be organized into well-named folders so that you can find what you need quickly. If you need the Wal-Mart app, you’ll know to look in the “stores” folder. No more searching around for the app you need right now.

3. Just say “no”

Your friend tells you about a fun game she found and she wants you to install it and play with her. The problem is you already play 4 games and don’t have time for more. Friends and family will always have app suggestions for you, so it’s important that you learn to tell them you’ll check it out (even if you don’t plan to) and hope they don’t keep pressuring you about it. If they do keep asking why you haven’t gotten the texting app or the game, simply tell them you have other ones and can’t handle any more at the moment.

4. Avoid checking the app store too often

If you check the app store daily or weekly, you are probably installing more apps than you know what to do with. Every day there will be something new and interesting. Stop checking the app store so often and stick to checking just once a month. Whatever is popular will remain popular for a while. You don’t need to be first to have every single app.

While apps can help us in many ways, having too many apps can distract us and take away from real life. Take control of your apps once and for all. Blog

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