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5 Home Management Apps Every Smartphone User Needs to Discover

Do you use your smartphone to play games or to keep up with the social media interactions of your friends and family? Do you wish there was a way to be more productive with your smartphone usage? Thanks to a growing number of home management mobile apps, you can now use your smartphone to simplify and track tasks around the home.

Check out the following list of home management apps to see which ones can benefit you and your family the most.


The DogSync app helps busy families coordinate their efforts to take care of the family dog. From feeding schedules to trips to the dog park, this helpful app helps families ensure poor Fido isn’t forgotten in the rush of busy family schedules.


Still in the pre-launch phase, Homefeud will allow spouses and families to track housework activities. If you think you do more than your fair share of the household chores, this app is definitely for you. You’ll be able to show your spouse or children just how much more housework you do and why they need to pick up their socks (literally).


Currently in testing in Australia, Sherpa connects customers with mobile couriers. A Sherpa user simply adds their courier needs to the Sherpa app, and a local courier performs the requested task. Sherpa couriers perform their duties via bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, or even skateboard.


Also still in the development phase, Washlify will let users find their nearest dry cleaning service. Washlify users will be able to rate the service and price of dry cleaners and will be able to share their results on social media. If you like bragging to your friends about the cool technology you use in your every day life, you might want to sign up for Washlify updates.


Comfwear is a clothing-recommendation app currently in development. This app will offer daily wardrobe recommendations based upon clothing you already own and current weather patterns in your area. Comfwear’s accuracy will improve over time as the app learns from your interactions and accuracy ratings. Instead of standing in front of your closet and wondering what to wear, you will soon be able to let a mobile app do the worrying for you.

These five home management apps are just some of the options you can consider if you are searching for mobile apps to integrate into your daily routine. App developers are creating a wide variety of tools to help simplify our lives. Which of these home management apps will you be trying? Blog

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