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5 Travel Apps to Prevent Inconvenience during International Travel

5 Travel Apps

Work can be stressful and you need a break every once in a while. Traveling can revitalize your mind. It’s a chance to meet new people and visit new places.

However, navigating your way through a strange land is no easy task. What’s the point of wasting money on air tickets if you have to spend your time roaming around with a map? Tourists are recognized not by their attire, but by the blank expression on their face. You need guidance and the following iOS apps will help you navigate any place you visit.

Hipmunk Flights & Hotels

The first step to travelling is to book a flight and hotel. Air fares are expensive unless you’ve planned the trip months in advance. Same thing goes with hotel reservations. Fortunately for you Hipmunk Flights & Hotels can help you tackle both problems at the same time. It helps you find the best deals possible. ‘Agony’ is the word that comes to mind when you think of air travel, which is why this app sorts its flights according to “agony”. You can find the shortest and cheapest flight thanks to this feature.

Translator with Speech

Unfortunately we live in a world where people speak different languages. You don’t even need to leave the country to find diversity. This makes it impossible to ask directions in a foreign land when you’re lost. You can’t realistically learn a whole new language for a trip that’s going to last less than a week. This is why Translator with Speech is such a great app. You can translate written text to 72 different languages. For people who hate to type there’s a feature that allows them to turn speech into text. It’s next gen technology available for your convenience absolutely free.

XE Currency

Currency is another problem while travelling. When you get out of the cab you don’t know if you’re paying your fare or putting the driver’s kids through college. XE Currency can help you avoid situations where you give away a week’s salary to the fruit vendor. You can convert any currency and there is also a currency calculator that helps you make calculations. That should take care of all your money problems. That is only if you have money to spend in the first place. The app has been featured in many prestigious publications such as BBC, CNN and the LA Times.

Wi-Fi Finder

Imagine if you’re sightseeing on a tour bus rental service and you get a message from the office to get in touch with them. You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection for that. How the hell are you supposed to find that in a foreign land? Use Wi-Fi Finder to overcome this situation. You can find over 650,000 locations with Wi-Fi in 144 different countries. It uses your GPS locator to find the closest Wi-Fi spot. You can even use this app to see if the restaurant or coffee shop you’re about to visit has a Wi-Fi connection. It’s not a bad idea to get some work done while enjoying your croissant.

Google Earth

You can’t really travel without Google Earth. Wait, let me rephrase that, you can’t travel conveniently without Google Earth. It helps you find your way around the planet. In case you’re planning on sightseeing it’s a good idea to check out places on Google Earth first. Just to see if it’s worth “seeing”. With its 3D environment and street view you can explore any city in the world using your iOS device. If a particular destination tickles your fancy, you can think about visiting it in real life.

Thanks to technology the world has become a smaller place. And thanks to these apps it has become easier to navigate it. If you’ve been holding off international travel, now is the time to revise that decision. There’s no need to worry about getting lost thanks to these apps. I guess Hollywood won’t be making those stupid romantic comedy flicks anymore. ‘Boy bumping into girl while try to find his way around a foreign land’ scenario is impossible thanks to GPS and apps such as these. It’s a damn shame, I really liked making fun of those movies, but I guess now I have to find another way to pass my time.

Today’s feature co-author, Jack Stewart, is currently writing for Kunkel Bus Lines, a leading charter bus rental company. He enjoys writing reviews and also loves to help out at the local children’s shelter. Blog

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