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8 Tips and Tricks of iPhone 5S You Should Know

The new iPhone 5S was launched last week and has had quite a mixed reception so far. Many Apple fans can’t wait to upgrade their iPhone to the latest version, but there are a few things you may need to know first.

iPhone 5S

For those coming from an Android, Windows or BlackBerry background, you may not be fully aware of how iPhone’s work so here are 8 helpful ideas.

1. How to disable the iPhone 5S screen rotation?

Double click the Home button and the list of running apps will be displayed. Then you can swipe right to find the rotation icon. Tap it and the screen will be locked in the current orientation.

2. How to deal with the iPhone 5S frozen situation?

Hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until the screen goes black and the red power-off slider shows. Then slide the red slider to shut down the iPhone. Then restart it and the frozen thing will be solved.

3. How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5S?

Hold the Power and Home button at the same time. If you see the screen flash and hear the similar sound of camera shutter, the screenshot is just captured successfully. You can find the screenshot you take in Camera Roll.

4. How to fast return to the top of the browsing page?

With a slight touch on the gray title bar, you can go back to the top of the page immediately. This function is very easy to be forgotten by many people.

5. How to close the background running apps?

Double click the Home button and all running apps will appear. Keep pressing the icon of the app until the icon begins shaking and a red mark shows; click the red mark on the upper left to close the running apps.

6. How to change font on the Notes application?

If you’re tired of the marker font of the Notes app, you can easily reset it in a second. Go to Settings and navigate to Notes option. Then in this menu, three fonts are provided, you can choose anyone you prefer.

7. How to enable Siri?

You can go to Settings and find General option and then tap on Siri. Next, switch Siri to ON. The iPhone 5S add a male Siri, so you can choose to user the male or female Siri. To do so, you should go to General -> Siri -> Voice Gender and select.

8. How to play DVD movies on iPhone 5S?

To watch DVD on iPhone 5S, you need to get a DVD ripping software to convert DVD movies to iPhone 5S supported format and then sync the converted DVD to your iPhone 5S for enjoying. Blog

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