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BBC iPlayer now Optimised for the iPhone 5

BBC iPlayer now Optimised for the iPhone 5 It has taken almost three months for some apps to get optimised properly for the new screen size on the iPhone 5, but good news for BBC iPlayer fans, the new version is now supportive of the increase in screen size.

The last update to the BBC’s popular Internet television and radio service was back on 4th September (shortly before the release of the iPhone). The most noticeable difference to this version was the ability to download TV shows to watch within a 30-day period. However this did leave radio fans in uproar at the time as the same feature wasn’t available to them.

No Longer Behind Bars

For Apple iPhone 5 owners you may notice that the unsupported version of iPlayer showed black bars, but with the new updated version, you will be able to view iPlayer in full-screen whilst also being able to plug your iPhone into your TV and watch iPlayer.

Get the updated version for the iPhone 5 now from the Apple iTunes Store Blog