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BlackBerry World: TV, Music & Movies In One Place

BB World

BlackBerry App World had a bit of a re-branding and revamp earlier this week, when it was renamed to BlackBerry World, and showed us that we could now get all our media under one platform.

Apple has iTunes, BlackBerry has bbTunes

BlackBerry World is aimed to compete with the likes of Android and Apple by offering TV, Music and Movies under one roof, by collaborating with some of the biggest studios in the world.

This means that BB World can get music and movies the same day as the official retail release, and with studios such as Walt Disney, Universal, and 20th Century Fox they do have some of the best partners.

As a user you can then chose to rent or buy these titles from the storefront (prices should become available soon).

Again, BlackBerry have teamed up with some important television networks and publishers to offer competitive music and videos, which will enable BB World users to purchase and download music from Sony, Matador Records and many more household names.

Even though users can’t actually utilize this service at the moment, because the BlackBerry 10 phones aren’t actually out on the market yet, I think it’s yet another taster from BlackBerry to help potential buyers see what they can do with their media.

In with the new, out with the old. Blog

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