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Archive for the ‘Humor’ Category

5 things we miss in old mobiles… and 5 things we don’t

Mobile phones have come a long way since the humble Nokia 3310. They’re flatter, they’ve got HD screens, and you can do pretty much anything you could possibly want to do with them. In most ways, they’re infinitely better than the old bricks we used to stuff in our pockets – but you know what, […]

Enter The Matrix: iPhone 6 Bending Video

Since the first bendy iPhone 6 Plus reports came in a few weeks ago there have been many spoofs, and virals that have appeared on Social Media and in the news. None have been as good as what you about to see: The time and effort that this person has put in to remixing the […]

10 Funny Animated Gifs to Brighten up Your Friday

1. These in-sync babies  

The Dreaded Words for Mom: Back to School Shopping

There’s a certain feeling that comes with autumn: the crackling leaves, warm spiced cider, and the agonised cries of children returning to school (and the unrepentant glee in their mother’s eyes). And, of course, those words that strike fear into the hearts of mothers and children alike: back-to-school shopping.

5 Unbelievable Moments Of How Phones Can Get You In Trouble

Following are 5 animated GIFs of how using a mobile phone can get you into trouble, some of these are absolutely crazy! Especially the first one in our list!

5 Fictional Characters You Need At Your Christmas Dinner Party

Going slightly off on a tangent here from our usual tech related posts, but a post that I thought would be quite fun to put together as we head into the festive period. Which fictional character would you invite to your Christmas Dinner party if you had the chance?

SIRI Vs Google Translate – Rap Battle

The Apple Event day has finally arrived, and from 5pm tonight millions of Apple fans, critics, and journalists will be sitting down to watch what Apple are offering up this year. We have already covered some leaked images and videos of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S this past couple of week, so today […]

5 Times You Really Don’t Want Your Phone To Die

We spoke on Twitter a few weeks about this subject, and asked people what could be the worst time for their phone to die on them. As you can expect there were some funny and scary answers to these questions, so we wanted to list a few below for you.

Motivational Boss Speak : Employee Translation

Some of the things that bosses say are intended to be motivational, inspirational and practical; however, these pearls of wisdom are quite regularly mystifying, inaccurate or just sheer nonsense. Here are a few examples of the unique angles taken from the mind-set of the boss, along with the musings an employee might have as a […] Blog

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