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Tech Nation News

HTC’s and BlackBerry’s Recycled for Samsung S4 – PhonesLimited

Phones Limited

SuperScrimpers Mrs Moneypenny, Recommends Us!

Mrs Moneypenny

SuperScrimpers is a TV show that brings the very best out of saving money, by offering tips and advice on how to scrimp and save during our tough economical times. The show is presented by Mrs Moneypenny, an entrepreneur and mother-of-three who seeks out anyone with a frugal eye.

Mobile Entertainment Feature

Mobile Entertainment saw a spike in HTC and BlackBerry trade-ins during the Galaxy S4 launch, this data was used in a post on the Mobile Entertainment site.

The Telegraph Feature in Galaxy S4 Post


During 2012 and the first part of 2013 has received some great press attention, featuring in publications such as The BBC, The Guardian and now the Telegraph During the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch last week, we compiled some stats on the increase of devices that were being traded in and which of those Smartphone […] Blog

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