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Could BlackBerry Make a Comeback With Its Z10?

BlackBerry Z10 - Thorsten Heins

I was really looking forward to the BlackBerry conference yesterday, and like many others, I was waiting in anticipation for the webcast to start and for us to hear from the CEO Thorsten Heins.

Firstly, I wanted to give my impression on the new handset before going into detail on the hardware and software aspects of the make or break phone. I was actually gripped to most of the conference and some of the features that BlackBerry have are great for those who love to multitask.

Don’t get me wrong, BlackBerry are a company who were scrambling to stay alive this time last year, and in the past 12 months they have come a long way in trying to get back on track.

Looking at the BlackBerry Z10 I don’t think it will be pulling away any devoted Android or iOS users, but they do have a great Smartphone at last, that will benefit both your consumer and professional.

RIM Become BlackBerry

RIM Rebrand to BlackBerry

At the start of the conference, one of the biggest announcements was that the company RIM was being retired in favour for the household name of BlackBerry. To me this was a smart idea as not many people understand the connection with RIM and BlackBerry, and most probably haven’t heard of RIM.

The Way it Looks

BlackBerry Z10

For me, it will always look like an iPhone. Ever since we saw leaked photos on the net my mind hasn’t changed on that.

However, from what they were saying at the conference yesterday that is where the similarity ends, as when you get to hold the device it’s a completely different experience.

Thorsten Heins commented on the material used for the back of the Z10 and said that the lightly textured finish makes the phone much more comfortable to hold.

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub

Probably the best feature to this new OS is the BlackBerry Hub, this is a universal inbox, which will allow you to see all your messages, Facebook, Twitter and other alerts in one central place. Therefore, you can filter the view in the Hub that can help you look at Facebook information without needing to open the Facebook app, which is why this BlackBerry is so good for multitasking.

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10

The new operating system from BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, does seem advanced and its gesture driven which makes the whole experience positive. One thing that Thorsten and his team showed at the event yesterday was that you could remote control or view from one BlackBerry to another. In the example on the BlackBerry team in London shared his screen with Vivek’s BlackBerry in New York, Vivek could then control, and have access to the phone from across the Atlantic.

The Virtual Keyboard

BlackBerry Z10 Keyboard

Something that has set BlackBerry apart from the competition has been its intuitive keyboards, and the virtual keyboard on the Z10 is stunning. It’s responsive, clean, it shows up flickable word predictions and the auto correction which save you a lot of time. It also stores three languages at a time, so you just need to type like you normally do and the keyboard will do the rest.

TimeShift Mode on the Camera

One of my other favourite features was the TimeShift mode on the camera; this will allow you to take an array of photos, which you can then look back on, in a timeline format. You can then pick the best photo from the selection. Blog

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