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Could We See Nokia Running on Android OS Soon?


Nokia at one point were the outright leader in the mobile phone market place, they dominated the industry and provided stable and reliable mobile phones to an emerging technological world.

However, since the invention of Smartphone’s I think it’s fair to say that they have suffered, and some of the suffering is self inflicted when they took the decision to stay with their own Symbian OS, as the likes of iOS and Android were making leaps and bounds forward.

2012 was a bit of a turning point for the Nokia group as they collaborated with Microsoft, in an attempt to establish itself once again as a force to be reckoned with in the mobile phone sector. This lead to them dropping Symbian for Windows as the OS in that hope that the new platform would take off and propel Nokia back to the top.

Unfortunately, and many of you may disagree with me here, I think that the Windows OS hasn’t really inspired or taken-off in the way that they would have initially hoped. If you look at the latest market share reports Windows only accounts for 3% of the market that puts them well behind the likes of iOS and Android who take up a good 40/50%.

Do Nokia Wait it Out, Or Move?

With the disappointment of Windows, I think Nokia really need to reevaluate their position, as increased pressure will mount on them to make the switch to Android. As we know lately, they haven’t made the best decisions so hopefully they will chose the right one here.

One thing they have in their favour is that the new lines of Nokia phones, the Lumia’s, have really been shown in a good light with many people looking positively at the sleek design and modern feel to them.

Do you think Nokia will make the switch to Android, and do you think it will happen soon? Blog

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