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Does The Nexus 4 Really Have 4G?

Well according to all the latest reports the Nexus 4 is kitted out with a 4G chip after all, the only problem is the chip hasn’t been activated. So why would they do this?

Firstly there is no confirmed statement to why LG and Google’s flagship phone would have dormant 4G capabilities that were not switched on, just theories and possibilities.

Does The Nexus 4 Really Have 4G?

The biggest talk of the town seems to be that of network restriction and that some network providers wanted 4G Nexus 4 devices as exclusives at a later date. This seems the most possible scenario to date as other theories state that the chip was a throw over from the Optimus G (which is what the Nexus 4 was based on) and that it reduced manufacturing costs.

To me though, why on Earth would they spend cash on a 4G chip, that would be implemented in thousand of these phones if it wasn’t going to be used? That just doesn’t make sense.

So now we wait and see what becomes of these chips in the future, will they get activated by the company, or will a hacker get there first?

  • Siddharth Barman

    The world is a crazy place; if you are into PCs, then you might be knowing that there are AMD chips which have more cores than what it is supposed to have. The extra cores are dormant, just like these 4G chips I guess. It seems manufacturing more of a single expensive thing is actually cheaper than manufacturing less of an inexpensive thing. The more variations you introduce, the cost goes up, I am guessing this is the reason. Blog