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EE forced to apologise

Everything Everywhere (EE), the merged company between Orange and T-Mobile, was forced to apologise – sort of – for the recent problems when 4G was launched last week.

It seems that customers were complaining in droves over difficulties connecting to the network. Many said that EE had rushed 4G implementation. EE said it was teething problems.

Problems came to light when a number of customers who had ordered new SIM cards or phones were sent old T-Mobile cards rather than the new EE 4G cards. These customers apparently included a social media expert, Andrew Grill, who had attempted to join the network on the same day that 4G was launched. He visited an EE shop in London but was denied access after an ‘address check error’ was raised.

The reporter’s problems continued the next day when his new phone and accessories arrived. He said: “The back end systems were clearly not ready. It does feel like a rush job.”

It is not just the implementation of the process that is causing problems for consumers. Customer service has seemingly broken down. In fact, according to travel writer Kate Hedges, EE’s customer service has been a total disaster.

EE launched 4G to much fanfare last week. It was able to launch it ahead of the other networks because Ofcom gave it the go-ahead earlier this year. The reason given was that EE had spare network capacity, which the other companies did not.

4G is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2013. Blog

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