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Four CCTV Cameras For Security And Peace Of Mind

Whether you are concerned about keeping your family safe or wanting to safeguard your business while away, closed circuit television cameras are one of the most popular options for having a watchful eye around at all times. In the past, these systems were expensive and usually limited to established businesses or people with ample cash.

These days, however, closed circuit cameras are affordable enough that just about anyone can take advantage of them – and many are opting to use them for a variety of purposes. Below, we will outline four quality CCTV cameras from which any home or business can benefit.

Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Monitoring Camera

If you want a way to keep an eye on your baby, your animals or your valuables, then the Dropcam HD Monitoring Camera is a modestly priced solution for your needs. Designed to work inside the home, the device can capture audio and video 24/7 – and even offers two-way audio for communication. Night vision is another benefit that comes with the Dropcam, while accessing the feed via any mobile or desktop device is quick and effortless. Starting at just $150, the Dropcam can make a valuable addition to your home or business, leaving you with high-definition documentation of any events that transpire.

Foscam Pan & Tilt IP Camera

A great solution for those on a budget, the Foscam Pan & Tilt IP Camera offers users the ability to inspect the scene from anywhere in the world via their mobile phone, desktop or tablet. Offering a remote pan and tilt feature, you can direct the camera so you can get a better orientation of the area in question when need be. You will be able to setup email notifications for whenever movement occurs – which is great for after-hours monitoring of businesses and secure areas. Operating without the need for a standalone computer, the Foscam can be bought for approximately $90.

Zmodo DVR & 4-Camera Setup

Utilizing the latest in DVR technology, the Zmodo system includes four cameras with a 500 GB DVR system that is perfect for recording hours and hours of footage for later review. While not wireless like the others on this list, the Zmodo can be configured for remote access via desktops and smart-phones. Motion detection and night vision are standard features on the Zmodo; the four cameras each come with 60 feet of cable, allowing you to establish a solid perimeter around the home or at the office. For just $180, there are few comprehensive camera systems that can beat the Zmodo in terms of cost.

Infant Optics DXR-5 Baby Monitor

If you are looking for an affordable monitoring system that includes a camera and monitor, then the Infant Optics Baby Monitor is a great choice. Providing crystal clear footage over a distance of up to 800 feet, the monitor can be easily tucked in your pocket or positioned on a desk for reference when required. Power saving features shut down the device once no noise is heard for three minutes, allowing it to be used potentially for days on end without needing to be recharged. The device is available for $100 from any CCTV security systems dealer and works especially well at keeping eyes on infants and young children. Blog

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