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Free Mobile Broadband Coming to the Countryside

One of the biggest problems for those living in the country is their access to the internet. Often signals are weak, intermittent or non existent. However there is a scheme which could improve the situation considerably.

A campaign group has been set up to bring mobile internet to vast swathes of rural Britain. Organised by the UK network Three, MPs and the Countryside Alliance it is hoped to bring nearly 4 million MB to the various not spots found recently in a survey. The campaign group is the Rural Broadband Working Group, (RBWG) and anyone getting the free connection will also receive a free dongle.

Hopefully this will also help smartphone users who often complain of signal problems.

The campaign is likely to take quite a long time, not to mention some organisation. Consequently the working group has identified 11 rural areas as a first wave. Free internet will be available for just 12 months, thereafter families and businesses in these areas will have to pay a fee. The RBWG also says that it hopes to set up community internet services in community centres and pubs using a MiFi gadget.

Speaking with, Hugo Dunkley Chairman of the Gringley-on-the-Hill Parish Council said: “We had written to the House of Lords, our local MP, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, and even a large fixed-line provider about the lack of comprehensive broadband in the community, but with no success.” He added: “There was broadband in a small corner of the village but everywhere else speeds were frustratingly slow. Mobile broadband has addressed this problem…” Blog

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