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Gadget of the Week Part 1: The AR Drone 2.0

AR Drone 2.0

If you want any gadget, the AR Drone is definitely the ultimate when it comes to innovative design and capabilities. The device can be controlled by your iPad or iPhone, and it boasts an in-built camera that shoots and records at 720p, which can then be streamed straight to your iPad or iPhone.

The possibilities for a device like this are endless as you can store more than 2 hour of HD video and flight data using its 4GB in-built memory. Using the Director mode you can also program the Drone to use automatic movements which can be ideal for video or movie creation.

If you are worried about how stable it is in the air then don’t be as it really is as stable as they come, and by simply tilting the mobile device you can easily move the Drone about.

In the mood for some fun?

Then instead of recording HD videos, you can perform tricks such as flips and take part in augmented reality games.

As you may have guessed by now the AR Drone 2.0 doesn’t come cheap, and you are likely to pay in the regions of £279.99 – £299.99 for the gadget.

Will you be getting your hands on an AR Drone in the near future? Blog

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