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Gadget of the Week Part 2: Ostrich Pillow


I’m not so sure if this little invention will really take off. In terms of its use it looks brilliant and will certainly help you take a quick lunch-time nap, however you won’t half look daft sitting at your desk in this Ostrich Pillow.

With that said, they do say that a 20 minute power nap can help you improve productivity at work by as much as 30% so it may be worth trying this head-worn cushion out.

According to the designers of the Ostrich Pillow it took over a year for them to reach the perfect design and use of materials before they released it on a world-wide scale, and the best thing, one size fits all!

The idea is that as soon as lunch-time comes, you slip on this cushion, took your hands in, and take some timeout from the rest of the world for half hour. That is of course, if you don’t work in an office of pranksters that could take this opportune moment to live up to their names.

Could you use one of these comforting pillows at work? Blog