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Gadget of The Week: The App Painter


This is probably one of the most affordable gadgets we have had on the blog in our popular feature, Gadgets of The Week. This is the App Painter which allows you to cover up mistakes and errors whilst having features that can put the fun back into your day.

The app stylus is the gadget behind the app painter and much like an artists paint brush, this stylus has a handy miniature paintbrush which can help you paint away errors on photographs you have taken, or let you stay within the lines when you are playing ‘Draw Something‘.

Failing that you can always hand this over to your kids and let them do a bit of colouring in, its a great way to keep them occupied while you put you feet up on watch on.

The paintbrush also doubles up as a stylus on the other end, this can help you type up word documents or create texts.

Not bad for £8.95 is it? Blog