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Google gets final approval

Google recently acquired the US mobile phone manufacturer Motorola, but before the sale could go through officially it had to be approved.

Interestingly, approval had already been given by the US and European authorities, but China also had a say in the matter. The authorities in this huge nation finally gave the nod to the £7.9 billion takeover.

A spokesperson for Motorola Mobility said: “We are pleased the deal has received approval in all jurisdictions. We expect to close imminently.”

The new acquisition paves the way for Google to take on the mighty Apple, which many analysts believe was the primary purpose of the buy-out. Google has for quite a while now been involved in legal wrangling over patents; Apple accused Google and Android together with partners of patent infringement.

This could well be behind Google now, as the deal with Motorola also sees the search engine giant take over all the patents owned by the US conglomerate. This apparently amounts to no fewer than 17,000 patents. Commentators believe this could finally give Google and Android much needed protection from any legal attack by Apple, or anyone else.

“Our stance since we agreed to acquire Motorola has not changed and we look forward to closing the deal,” Google spokesperson Niki Fenwick said.

As part of this deal, Google agreed with the Chinese to ensure its Android software will be free and open for the next five years. Blog