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Google Maps And Apple 4S – A Deadly Combination

Google Maps was brought into iPhone 4s by default which amazed the Apple iPhone users quite a lot at the time of the launch of iPhone 4S. If you have been using internet for last 3-4 years, you would obviously have read something about Google Maps and how it has revolutionized the world. Google Maps is a web based application, provided by the Search Giant Google.


It is a web mapping service, which offers street level views and let users plan their route while traveling to any given destination by foot, or through a vehicle. Google Maps make use of satellite images to create these highly detailed maps. These maps are usually several months old and are not updated in real time.

There are many related products that make use of the basic functionality offered by Google Maps, including: Google Earth, Google Transit and Google Ride Finder. Google Earth is probably the most famous after Google Maps because it is a standalone application that works on a PC and gives much detailed and 3D view of areas around the globe.

When this tool from Google was introduced into the iPhone 4S, it was developed such that it will use the GPS functionality of the system, to find the user`s current location. For this the user has to just tap a simple arrow at the bottom left of the App`s interface. This will trigger the application to find out your current location and highlight that area in Google Map by placing a virtual pin in the Birdseye View.

The user will then be able to use the retina display function of iPhone 4S to zoom in, and experience a closer look of the area and its surroundings. This pin comes in really handy in case you are lost, because this PIN stays on your map as a label until you remove it yourself. In some areas, you also have the option to change your view to Street View, which allows the end-user to view the map in a 3D fashion which makes them feel like a real world picture. All these functions really help people finding their destinations if they are lost in their way or don’t know the direction at all.

In iPhone 4S the map can be viewed in 3 different formats:

point Classic Map View

point Satellite View

point Hybrid View

Classic View show a view that looks like a real map, e.g. that you find in a normal Atlas. Since this view has all the roads labeled properly, it is the easiest to plan your journey in car using this view.

Satellite View shows Aerial photos which makes it extremely easy to spot the landmarks, and come back to them for guidance at later stage.

Hybrid View provides the qualities of both the above views; it has details like the Satellite View, and clearly labeled Roads and locations of the Classic view.

Google maps, can make your life a whole lot easier if you use it in your iPhone 4S, because than you will never have to worry about road directions in your life.

Mathieu Louis is a gadgets and tech blogger that takes pride in producing and publishing informational content relating to Apple iPhone 5s release date, iPad, Samsung’s galaxy S lines and other tech and gadgets. He run two tech websites from his basement in the Atlanta area and have fun doing it! Blog

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