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Google TV Owners to Get Music and Movies This Month

We can expect Google Play Music and Movies to appear to Google TV owners in Europe as soon as November 13th (Next Tuesday).

This will mean that owners will be able to buy or rent movies, TV shows and music through the Google Play store directly from your Google TV.

About The Google TV

Google TV Owners in Europe to Get Music and Movies This Month Now I know that many of you will be wondering what a Google TV is and what it can do, and a fair question that is.

The Google TV was initially launched a few years back in October 2010 and works as a Smart TV. This means you can integrate the Android Operating System along with the Google Chrome browser to turn your TV into an interactive overlay. Since October 2010 it has had a good overhaul and now is easy to use and connect to your existing TV.

You can pick up a Google TV box for under £200, and they are usually made by the likes of Sony and can be controlled by an APP on your phone!


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