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Has The Amazon Kindle Become a Thing of The Past?

AmazonThe Amazon Kindle was a massive step forward in book reading, it revolutionised the way we read books turning them into a digital form which had a lot of benefits from the old conventional way.

Digital books are cheaper, they don’t take up any physical room and you can access hundreds right from the palm of your hand.

For the Amazon Kindle though, as it become a thing of the past?

Nowadays people can make use of tablets, which can act as readers, as well as doing much more. So it makes sense to perhaps pay £159 for a Google Nexus 7 than an Amazon Kindle right?

The UK is also in the midst of seeing a couple of new tablets from Barnes & Noble.

These devices are called the Nook HD and the Nook HD+ and will start from £159, with the bigger HD+ weighing in at £229.

The HD tablet will sport a full 9 inch full HD display, which will be powered by a 1.5Ghz processor with the capability to expand your memory.


The smaller 7 inch model will pack a dual core processor clocked at 1.3Ghz, again it will have the option for expandable memory much to the dismay of Nexus 7 owners.

So what do you think the future of tablets and readers holds? Blog

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