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How much is my iPhone worth?

Just in case you’ve been living on a house boat somewhere off the coast of the Isle of Man, the iPhone is Apple’s line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones that has taken the world by storm. It also holds the highest value as a recycled mobile phone.

Originally released in 2007, the iPhone is the mobile phone that reinvented the mobile phone market; making applications (“there’s an ‘app’ for that”) common place and bringing millions of customers to O2 – who was the original, exclusive provider for the device. (Now the iPhone is available through other providers.) Today, it is the phone everyone is trying to best. So, as mobile phone users get ready to upgrade – whether to a newer iPhone or to one of the competitor models – a lot of them are thinking, “How much is my iPhone worth?”

(In teacher-like voice) If you take out your website and turn to the ‘Most Valuable Phones’ tab, you will see our most valuable phones, listed in order of value. Today, the top phone is the iPhone 3GS 32 GB – which is selling at £306.00. Next in line is the iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi (which, for the house boat dwellers is Apple’s newest technological gadget to hit the market that everyone wants to copy). Scroll down a bit further and you see the iPhone 3GS 16 GB for £262.25. So the answer to “How much is my iPhone worth?” is – quite a pretty penny. Since you’re already here, why not recycle it now?

iPhone image courtesy of Apple Blog

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