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How much is my old mobile phone worth?



You’ve seen the adverts or heard about recycling and you’re asking the question to see if mobile phone recycling is for you. The answer is many-fold:

How much is my old mobile phone worth? Well, it’s worth cash – exactly how much depends on type and condition. Use a comparison website like to take a look and see what your phone is worth in cash.

Or, it’s worth some shopping. Some mobile phone recyclers offer more value in retailer coupons than they do cash, so if you’re someone who loves to shop, the coupons might be a more appealing means of payment for you.

How much is my old mobile phone worth? It could be worth helping someone less fortunate. Working phones sent in for recycling are often refurbished and sent back out into the world to serve as a phone for someone who might not afford one otherwise. There are some recyclers who participate in third-world, under-privileged area schemes.

How much is my old mobile phone worth? It will be worth its parts. Phones that can’t be refurbished are taken apart and their bits are recycled and reused, ending up in other phones or other completely non-mobile-phone-related items.

How much is my old mobile phone worth? It’s definitely worth the planet. For every mobile that doesn’t find its way to the landfill via a rubbish bin, there is that much less toxic waste in our environment.

Get cash, give aid, save the planet; recycle your mobile, it’s the right thing to do. Blog

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