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How to Get an iPhone 5 for Free!

Want to find out how much it will likely cost you to cancel your contract early and get an iPhone 5?

We recently wrote up an article with some key facts in which Mobiles Please posted up over at their website, the article shows you how to get the iPhone 5 for free by using a cashback site, selecting the right tariff, and of course recycling your old phone through our comparison service. How to Get an iPhone 5 for Free!

Here is the full article:

Get Paid to Cancel Your Phone Contract and Upgrade To An iPhone 5 for Free

The iPhone 5 is now over a month old, and for many people they are still debating whether it is worth trading in an old iPhone 4S in return for an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 has had its fair share of complaints since the launch date back in September, but at the same time sales of this new generation of phone have soared.

Cost of an iPhone 4S

According to the mobile phone recycling price comparison site, an iPhone 4S 16GB owner can still get paid up to £245 for this model of iPhone, which could be enough to cancel a contract (depending on the length of time that contract has to run).

Sell My Mobile have done all the hard work, so all a customer needs to do is work out from the research that Sell My Mobile have collected, how much it will cost them to break a contract.

How Much To Break My Contract Early

The following statistics are from research carried out by Sell My Mobile in October:

The prices below are based on cancelling a 14 month contract, with a monthly tariff of £40 per month, on an iPhone 4S.

Orange – £465 – daily rate £1.10

O2 – £520 – daily rate £1.23

Vodafone – £455 – daily rate £1.07

T-Mobile– £450 – daily rate £1.06

Three – £560 – daily rate £1.32

This means that if you have an iPhone 4S and want to upgrade, but are currently locked into a contract, you can still get out.

Step 1. Find out using the figures above how much you will likely need to break the contract.

Step 2. Get a valuation of your iPhone 4S using Sell My Mobile, and trade in your phone.

Step 3. Use the money to cancel the contract, to enable you to start afresh by getting an iPhone 5 contract.

iPhone 5 Tariffs

The money that you receive from recycling can then go towards paying off the rest of your current contract, and then you can look into iPhone 5 tariffs.

At the moment you can get an iPhone 5 tariff with Vodafone at £42 per month and only need to pay £49 for the handset.

Get the iPhone 5 for Free

Don’t forget the cashback side of things either! At the moment TopCashBack are offering an exclusive rate of £50.50 for any iPhone 5 contract taken out with Vodafone, so before heading to Vodafone directly go through this site and you can get the iPhone 5 for free!

Final Thought

If your contract isn’t currently at 14 months left until its expiry date then we have broken the costs down to a daily rate. This means you can work out what kind of expenses are involved, if say, you had 8 months left. Blog

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