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How to get rid of an old phone after Christmas

pile-of-broken-mobile-phones Did you get a new smartphone from Santa this year? Yes? In that case, you’ve probably got your old handset hanging about, unused and gazing up at you with a tear in its eye.


Don’t give in to its guilt trips, we say: get rid of that phone once and for all by sending it off to a brand new home. Here’s everything you need to do to say goodbye to an old mobile.


1. Transfer everything over to your new phone


Get all your apps, media, pictures, files, music, and so on onto your new phone. Sometimes you can do this with the phones’ software – the Move To iOS app is wonderful, and you can transfer everything from one Samsung phone to another using NFC, for instance.


In other cases, you’ll have to utilise cloud software, SD cards, and USB cables to get things moved across.


When it comes to apps, simply sign back into the App Store or Google Play Store, and anything you’ve paid for will still be available for you. (Though sadly this may not be the case if you’re switching between Android and iOS phones.) Just be sure to grab all your login info beforehand.


2. Take out your old SIM card and SD card


Make sure everything of yours is gone from the old phone, including your SD card. You don’t want your photos to end up in the hands of a stranger…


3. Do a factory reset


Once you’re absolutely sure you’ve fetched everything from your phone, perform a factory reset. This’ll delete everything from the hard drive, and restore it to factory settings as though it’s brand new – making it ready to hand over to another owner. It ensures that no one will get their hands on your files and personal data.


You can do this from your phone’s settings – see the full instructions for Android phones here, and instructions for iPhones here.


4. Judge what state it’s in


Is it good as new? Completely broken and unusable? Just a bit scuffed? Phones in different states of repair will bring in different amounts of cash – and it can get rather messy and complicated if you get it wrong the first time around.


Generally, phones being sold on for recycling only need to be categorised as ‘working’, ‘broken’, or ‘new’, which makes life much easier.


– New means it has never been used – perhaps taken out of its packaging and switched on at most

– Working means it’s, well, working as normal

– Broken means it doesn’t work, has a crack in the screen, is physically falling apart, or is otherwise difficult to use – see our blog for more info


5. Choose where to send it


Now that your phone’s ready to go out into the world, you’ll need to decide exactly what you want to do with it.


You could:


– Sell it, either to a friend or using a site like eBay

– Donate it to a charity – Oxfam, for instance, accept old mobile phones

– Recycle it, and earn some cash for doing so – often the same amount you’d get for selling it


If you go the recycling route, search for your phone here on SellMyMobile and compare all the available offers. For some handsets, you could get up to a few hundred pounds – an iPhone 7 can go for £530, for example. When you find an offer you like the look of, click through to the site and follow the instructions.


6. Send it off


We recommend posting your phone by special delivery – even if you’re sending it to a company with a freepost address. With recorded delivery, you can be absolutely certain that it got delivered.


7. Enjoy your newfound wealth


Holla holla get dolla. This is the point where the buyer will check your phone over and send you your money. So it’s time to cash your cheque (or check your bank statement, or PayPal, or whatever) and enjoy your bank account’s nice new balance.


Or if you decided to donate your phone to charity, enjoy your metaphorical, moral wealth – which is ultimately more valuable, even if it won’t get you much in the January sales.


  • mable63456

    To get the new phones after the Christmas your concept was excellent. I hope most of the people should be try this and they also be success in their process. Blog

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