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How To Restore An iPhone 5 To Factory Settings

How To Restore An iPhone 5 To Factory Settings (VIDEO)

When recycling or selling your phone its always worth while removing any data that you have stored on it, this includes images, temporary files, apps and so forth.

One of the biggest concerns is that people forget to remove apps and all data associated with that app. Why is this a problem? Well, lets say you use Facebook and have the app installed, chances are your login details are stored with the app and you automatically login via the app.

This allows anyone to access your account and any private information you have stored.

That’s why we have created a handy video which walks you through the process of resetting your Apple iPhone 5 to its factory settings and deleting any personal data.

Step 1. On the home screen, tap the settings option. You will then need to tap the general option and scroll to the bottom of this screen until you see the RESET button.

Step 2. Tap the RESET button; you will then see a variety of different reset options. You will need to choose – Erase All Content and Settings. A warning will then be displayed to let u know that you will be erasing all music, other media, data, and all settings.

Step 3. Tap the Erase option to confirm Step 2, and then wait for your iPhone to process this command.

Depending on how much data you have on your iPhone 5, this will usually take a few minutes. Once completed your iPhone 5 will be ready to recycle. Blog

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