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How to Set an Alphanumeric Passcode On The iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

It may sound like on the easiest things to do on any type of phone but its always worth covering with a post just in-case you aren’t all that sure where you need to go to set your code.

Firstly why do you need to do set a code?

For many people it just adds that extra barrier of security to your phone in case you lose it or just want peace of mind that when your phone is left on a table in the house or at the pub, that no one can get into it.

It also serves as a great protective feature for friends who like to take over your Facebook status! You know who you are!

So let’s get on with the how to set the passcode:

Step 1. Tap on the settings feature.

iPhone 5

Step 2. Tap the general option under settings.

iPhone 5 - General

Step 3. Under the general screen you will see the passcode lock feature about mid-way through the various other options.


Step 4. Here you will need to turn on the feature called Simple Passcode, this is where you can enter your alphanumeric passcode.

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