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How To Take Screenshots On An Android

This is one of those things you normally find out by accident, and then spend the next ten minutes wondering how on earth you just did it, and then try endlessly to retrace your steps.

It’s pretty simple to take a screenshot on an android, and you will more than likely be saying “Ahhh I knew it!” at the end of these steps.

So here we go:

Android 4.0

For a phone running this operating system, all you need to do is:

Press (and hold) the volume down button and power button at the same time

This will then be closely followed by a shutter noise and a framed image which will say something like “Saving screenshot” as it fades back out.

You will then be able to locate the screenshot in your Gallery.

Android 2.x

For phones running this operating system you will need to root or connect the device to a computer and use Google’s Android SDK, however not many devices these days will be running this.

If you are here is how to do it:

Step 1. You will need to install the USB drivers for your phone, onto the computer. If you don’t have the PC disk handy then a quick search on Google will help you locate the right drivers.

Step 2. Now you will need to download and install the JAVA SE Developers Kit and Android SDK for Windows

Step 3. Once installed open up the Androiud SDK Manager (you get the chance to open this up at the end of the installation screen) – or you can select it from the start menu (see below).

How To Take Screenshots On An Android

Step 4. You will then be prompted to install some packages, just take a look towards the bottom right and it will say “Install 7 Packages” or something similar. Install these packages and then move to the next step.

How To Take Screenshots On An Android

Step 5 (Optional). To save a lot of messing around, it’s worth creating a shortcut link on your desktop so you can click it whenever you need to take a screenshot. To do this navigate to the folder that you installed the Android SDK to. So here, we installed it to the default directory which can be found at:


In Tools, find DDMS.BAT and then create a shortcut on your desktop to it.

Ok, that’s the setup complete and you won’t need to do that again!

Taking Screenshots

Step 1. Click Settings, then go into Applications, and finally tap Development, and make sure that USB debugging is ticked.

How To Take Screenshots On An Android

Step 2. Now connect your phone to the PC (this will auto detect since we installed the drivers earlier on. Then open up that DDMS.BAT file that we created a shortcut to.  This will now pop up a screen where you can take screenshots from.

Step 3. Click the Device tab, and then select Screen capture… (or simply hit CTRL +S).

How To Take Screenshots On An Android

That’s all there is to it! When you need to take a screenshot in the future just open up the DDMS.BAT file and snap away. Blog

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