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How to tell if your phone is faulty or functional

Broken phone

Eventually, everything breaks. That may sound rather depressing – especially this close to the hooray-times of Christmas – but when it comes to tech, it’s true all the same.


If you have a mobile phone for a long time, the chances are that it will develop a problem. The screen may crack, or the battery life may drop to minutes instead of hours. Perhaps the buttons stop working or the speakers no longer… speak.


If your phone’s going kaput, it’s not the end of the world though – you can still sell it. You’ll get less that you would for a fully functional phone, but it can still work out as a big chunk of change.


That said, it’s not always clear to people what constitutes a damaged or faulty phone, versus a phone in working order. So with that in mind, here are some things to check before you send your handset away, based on the tests that recyclers will perform.

Can you turn it on and off again?


It may go without saying (and sound like a line from the IT Crowd), but your phone needs to actually turn on for it to be considered ‘working’. If it won’t turn on at all, try plugging it in to make sure it hasn’t run out of charge.


Is the screen broken or bleeding?


Obviously, if the screen has a noticeable crack in it, you can’t sell it on as a fully-functional phone. You also need to make sure the screen isn’t bleeding. This is when you have coloured lines or sections of the screen that don’t go away, and is usually a sign that the phone has suffered some physical damage.


Is there any major damage?


Small scratches and other blemishes are inevitable when you have a phone. As long as they don’t interfere with any functionality, they won’t reduce the value of your phone when you sell it. Major damage, on the other hand, will drop what it’s worth. Examples of that include cracks in the casing or water damage.


Do the speakers and the microphone work?


Problems with the speaker and microphone can be subtle, but you should check they both function properly – they will be tested when you sell your handset.  Make sure you check that your phone can register your voice through the microphone and that you can hear sound at the correct volume through the speakers.


Is the battery working properly?


Your phone’s battery life will inevitably decline the older it is, but it should still provide a good few hours’ charge. If you’re getting less than a day out of your phone though (with light to moderate use), then it’s probably past it. In that case, your phone is faulty and should be sold as such.


Is the aerial working?


A phone needs a functioning aerial in order to work. If you can’t make a reliable call on your handset, you can’t call it ‘working’. You can still sell it, of course, but you’ll get significantly less than a fully operational device.


Do some research before sending your phone out


The above checks are pretty standard across all recyclers, but the precise classifications for broken and working phones varies from company to company.


Once you’ve selected a buyer on, we’ll send you over to their site to complete the transaction. This is your cue to scan through the terms and conditions to get a clear sense of the state of operation your phone is in.


Then, send it off and collect the cash you expect. Blog

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