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How To Tweet Faster From Your iPhone

Time is money…that is a saying I think we can all appreciate in today’s world. With everything being so fast paces, it is those little bits of time saved through the day that seem to make the most difference. Why else would there be so many productivity features and tools with our modern technology that shave seconds off of tasks?

But don’t be fulled by the idea of a couple of seconds. When shaved off multiple times a day throughout the day, then the week, then month, then year it makes quite a difference. All the seconds add up and before you know it you have saved hours that might have otherwise been wasted.

One of the tasks you can make more efficient is tweeting, thanks to the iPhone. Considering how many people use Twitter for professional reasons such as branding and social media marketing, faster posting is a great idea.

Here are a few fantastic tools that will make your Twitter use more productive and a whole lot speedier.

Official Twitter App

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Using the mobile site version of Twitter is like pulling out your own teeth with the world’s slowest electric pliers. Or something like that, my point is that it is annoying and slow. Half the time the site doesn’t even load properly, links go nowhere and the Twitter feed won’t update. Which is why having the app is pretty much a necessity for anyone who wants a quick and smooth experience. Post updates, search keywords and hashtags, look at what people are saying, reply to mentions and do pretty much anything else that can be done on the official site. Without having to go through your iPhone’s browser client to do it. It also exists for Mac and for Windows


tweet faster from iphone 02 zps3d7ee1c3 How To Tweet Faster From Your iPhone

When you are a heavy Twitter user it can be worth it to purchase an actual paid app to manage your account. This one actually lets you use multiple timelines, sort, view and edit lists, gives native push notifications, provides customizable mute filters and search narrowing features and a lot more. So it isn’t just for faster tweeting, it is for faster Twitter everything. It costs $2.99, which isn’t enough cash to whine about.


tweet faster from iphone 03 zps1066bb53 How To Tweet Faster From Your iPhone

Have you ever wanted to see where other Twitter users are in relation to you on a map? Then you might possible be a stalker, but that is OK…there is an app for that. This app gives you geolocation, faster posting, mute filters that can be applied to specific users and hashtags, timeline search, automatic or manual Facebook syncing and a lot more. This is another paid app at $2.99, and it is a lot more useful for local bloggers, brands and businesses, in my opinion. But anyone could get use out of it.


tweet faster from iphone 04 zpse1ea991d How To Tweet Faster From Your iPhone

Manage all of your social media sites at once using this handy dashboard. Primarily for Twitter and Facebook, it is compatible with your overall Hootsuite account, which is obviously built to sync with a lot more. Schedule tweets, see your analytics, check out data for your followers and more, all on the go. Plus, it is free with an account to the Hootsuite website. Easy to use and extensive, it is one of the better tools on this list.


tweet faster from iphone 05 zpsbc078be5 How To Tweet Faster From Your iPhone

Save time when you are busy by scheduling tweets when you’re not. Twuffer lets you schedule multiple tweets to be published at the exact date and time you specify. You can schedule as many as you like and it will release them at the chosen intervals so you never have to worry about your account remaining silent for too long. This is great if you have a time during the day when your followers are most active. Release quickfire tweets through that entire time slot.

With the right tools you can always publish tweets more quickly and in a better way. It is more about being able to do it anywhere at any time, and the iPhone makes that easy.

Have a tool, you think should be added to the list? Or just a tip that makes tweeting more efficient? We would love to hear them, so let us know in the comments.

Annie Wallace is the editor and blogger for Sexy Social Media, the free resource of social-media-related links.

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