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I Think I’m Turning Japanese I Really Think So (Translation App)

I Think I'm Turning Japanese I Really Think So (Translation App) Do you have relatives or friends that speak in a different language?

Maybe they find it hard to speak English?

Well you will be happy to know that there could be an app that will allow people who speak different languages, chat to each other.

Guess which country as thought up this idea?

The technology geniuses, Japan, of course.

The translations will be dealt with in real-time and I expect the first languages will be Japanese to English, Mandarin and Korean to begin with. The aim would be to cover all languages in time and not just cater for two people having a chat but a room full of people in a conference call.

It all sounds exciting doesn’t it?

There are a few drawbacks though as the software can’t offer perfect translations, which could end up with some embarrassing phone calls I would have thought. Blog