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Is Microsoft’s tablet about to hit the shelves?

Microsoft has been working on a new tablet device for some time; however, according to some experts, the Surface RT device was not something that the company was originally going to release to shops. Instead, it was supposed to remain as an online order. One commentator believes, however, that the new gadget will be in the shops within days.

Why the change of heart? Seemingly the gadget was not selling as well as Microsoft hoped it would. As such, as with all businesses, the software manufacturer had to look at other retail avenues. Shops are obviously the most logical.

What is the Microsoft Surface RT? It is one of two devices in the Surface series that Microsoft announced six months ago. One runs Windows 8 while the other runs a special version of its operating system called RT. The difference in the two gadgets is the CPU; in the RT this is an ARM, whereas in the Windows 8 version it is an Intel CPU.

When the product was released, it received mixed reviews. One expert is reported to have said: “This is one of the most exciting pieces of hardware I’ve ever used. It is extremely well designed; meticulous even.” Another, however, described it as inferior to the iPad. The iPad is considered to be Microsoft’s main competitor for the Surface RT.

The reporter who released the news said that he believes only countries outside the US will benefit. He does not state which countries.

Everyone will just have to wait and see where this goes. Blog

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