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iTunes 11 Has Landed. Grab Yourself a Copy


So it’s finally here, iTunes 11, complete with a cleaner look and an easier to use interface that will allow even the most tech challenged amongst us to use the software without complications.

With every new update there are new features added, and with iTunes 11 there are a number of nifty little features hiding behind the curtain, waiting to be unveiled.

Music Library

Music Library

One of these features is the expanded view for your albums, which means that you get all the information you need (such as tracks and metadata) in one place without the need to click through to other pages. I’m confident that a lot of you will probably find this feature very useful.

The second update that I quite like on the music library section is the fact that you can now purchase albums and songs direct from the iTunes screen you are on, rather than having to head over to the Apple iTunes store.

Mini Player


A lot of what Apple has done with this new update shows a lot more aesthetic changes happening, especially with images and photos which have become the forefront of the new iTunes 11 design.

The Mini Player has also taken a new look, and now includes the ‘Up Next’ feature which really shows its full potential on Desktop setups. In terms of what the Up Next feature does, well, it does exactly what it say’s on the tin by showing you what tracks are set to play next and in what order they will play in. You will also get album art as well as title and artist information.

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