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Leaked Apple iPhone Photos Show iPhone 5C Boxed To Ship

Well, it’s looking more and more likely that the iPhone 5C has lived up to the various rumour mills that have been churning out stories for the best part of this year, as we see photos taken of the devices being boxed up ready for shipment.

iPhone 5C in blue

This comes off the back of Apple announcing an official date of September 10th as the announcement and event for the upcoming iPhones. As you can see below the invites have been sent out with the words, “This should brighten everyone’s day”.

Apple Invites

If you want to keep up-to-date with the conference then things kick-off here in the UK at 5PM.

It certainly looks like it will be a bright day as well, as the photos show pastel blue, pale yellow and powder pink iPhone 5C handsets which really do make an impression.

Pink iPhone 5C

Remember that these 5C models are the cheaper version of the usual models, and sport a plastic body. However, how cheap they are is still a mystery, and rumour has it that these 5C phones will match the spec of the iPhone 5.

What we do know is that the rumoured prices have come in from as little as £63 (which I very much doubt) upwards of £260 (more feasible).

Yellow iPhone 5C

iOS 7

As many of you have seen we have covered each beta release of the new operating system and documented any changes that we have seen, including the complete iOS 7 lock-out that some people were affected with last week.

On September 10th we should also see an announcement made in regards to the final version of iOS 7 which has undergone a massive overhaul.

Are you starting to get excited about Apple’s new range of iPhones? Blog

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