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List of Antivirus Software For Your Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Once you buy an expensive gadget, it is important to secure it from viruses, worms and Trojans for better and fast performing processor, operating system and a long life. It is easy for malware programs to breach the security of your device and damage your database. Android Tabs, such as Samsung Galaxy 10.1 itself, have a strong and tightly secure OS.


However, viruses can still find their way if you overlook third party emails or malevolent websites. There is not any special antivirus software for Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but some of them are really important that you need in your tablet to safeguard it from viruses.

NetQin Security and Antivirus:

This software ensures that your device is spyware and virus free. It detects the applications being installed in your tablet that you do not have knowledge of which can be malicious. It uses minimum battery level and also alerts you when a virus is detected which is later removed by NetQin to keep your database and system safe.

Zoner Antivirus:

With the increasing number of threats a good antivirus tool is essential in the preventions of malware in your Tab. Typically, Zoner Antivirus is extremely cheap and easy to use. It scans all the applications downloaded in your Tab. Since the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is designed to make calls and receive text messages as well, the software enables the user to send encrypted messages via SMS. The scan functions with just one touch, it shows the files being scanned and the current status of the device and the software. The program can also be customized for specific demands on the virus scan in the settings menu as well.

Antivirus and Anti Adware:

The best for Dual antivirus. It is compact and accurate. There are several versions of this software such as SeCore. It takes up less battery life compared to AVG antivirus and is best for android devices such as the Galaxy Tab. It just does not remove spyware and viruses but also frees the device from greyware. The best features of this particular software include removing of apps that can track your location (Anti- Surveillance), detecting and removing suspicious apps that can monitor you from a remote computer, giving you with best customer service, postponing scheduled scans or update when the battery is low, offering real time protection and alerting the user when a virus is detected, preventing the pop ups and useless advertisements from opening (Stealth Mode). SeCore can detect all aggressive ad networks and removes them instantly.

LookOut Security:

This software is unique and essential for your tablet. It provides a key protection that is unique to the market. Other than thoroughly checking your device for malware and viruses, it also acts as a locater when you lose your tab. Also provides an application privacy adviser and a back up service.

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab needs to be protected by antivirus software such as these. There is always a risk of losing, or forgetting it somewhere or even accidentally showering it with viruses.

Author Bio:

Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She loves to write about Internet security and PC security topics. She recommends to test antivirus for your PC security as well as safe internet surfing. Blog

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