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Mobile Phone Upgrades Now Cost 6 Times More Than 2007


2007 was a technology-changing year when it came to Smartphone’s, in more ways than one. Nowadays replacing a phone can cost on average £430, but back in early 2007, it was just £75 to get your hands on a new Smartphone.

Six years ago, back in 2007, was also the year that we saw the first iPhone released which was one of the most expensive but pioneering phones of its time. It’s no wonder really that these latest figures show a steep incline in Smartphone prices, as the technology has increased so much since then, that phone’s of today’s generation can do so much more than they did in 2007.

However, as Smartphone’s start to rise in price, the amount of mobile phone insurance policies taken out has surprisingly fallen which doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the price hike in the phones themselves. Add to that the fact that a policy back in 2007 would cost you £8 each month, yet nowadays the price has dropped to £4 each month.

What Were The Most Popular Handsets in 2007?

If you cast your minds back six years ago, the BlackBerry Pearl and Nokia 6070 were the most popular phones which average a price of £75. Moving forward to 2012/2013 and you are looking at the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 as the market leaders, which drum up an average price of £430.

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