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Most Popular Vintage Flip Phones

The market for retro mobile phones is a rapidly growing niche. As people realise that cell phones are becoming collector’s items, or are looking to make a fashion statement, more and more people are buying and selling vintage hand sets. The first of a line vintage mobile phone can get hundreds of pounds, but more usual models can still be bought pretty cheaply.


So, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, or if you want to make a little extra cash from old electronics lying around your house, there are some models that you should know about. The flip phone is truly a classic style, first released in the early nineties. These are the most popular retro flip phones on the market right now…

The Ericsson T28

Believe it or not, for a while Ericsson (not Sony-Ericsson) was a pretty big player on the mobile phone market, particularly in Europe. The T28 was the first ultra thin and ultra light flip phone, in a time when mobile phone manufacturers were battling to release the smallest devices they could manage. The little thing weighs a mere 81 grams, and had an amazing battery life of four and a half hours. It was released in 1999 and would be one of the last phones released under the Ericsson name, since the company later teamed up with Sony to produce hand sets. The T28 is a piece of mobile phone history.

The Motorola V50

This little baby set the standard for new “connectivity” phones when it was released in early 2000. Not only was it small, light and discrete, but it had full internet connectivity in something that’s approximately half the size of a modern iPhone. Plus, it had voice dialing capacity, one of the first consumer models to have this space age function.

The Motorola V70

Technically, this isn’t really a flip phone, it’s a swivel phone. The round (yes, round) screen of the phone acted as a hinge, around which the front piece swiveled to reveal the key pad underneath. Not a huge seller at the time, or even a real land mark phone, but very popular on the vintage market due to its unique design.

The Sony CMD Z5

If the Motorola Brick phone was the last of the dinosaurs, the Sony CMD Z5 deserves its place on the list as the last of the miniature phones. During the late nineties and early 2000s, mobile phone manufacturers were engaged in a constant battle to release the smallest phones possible. Since smart phone touch screens weren’t an issue, what people wanted was smaller and lighter. The end result of this battle was the truly miniature CMD Z5. It folded to around the size of your index finger, and given that the key pad was half that size had buttons so tiny that they could barely be pressed by a grown man. The Sony CMD Z5 marks the last time that companies battled for smallness supremacy, realising that they’d reached ridiculous proportions that were not viable for convenient use, and went back to fighting over features rather than size. Blog

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