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MWC 2013: €15 Nokia 105 Announced

Nokia have recently launched a set of four new phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one of them is the Nokia 105 which is priced at just €15, and to be honest it’s as cheap as it looks.

Nokia 105

Is it a child’s toy? Is it a joke? Well, let’s take a closer look at this phone…

The screen size for this phone is just 1.5-inch, so I’m guessing that this phone is going to be directed at:

point Those who aren’t fussed about technology, or aren’t tech savvy.

point Those who can’t afford a contract phone, or a PAYG phone, but have enough to spare for the Nokia 105.

point Silver surfers, who want to use a phone but get confused by today’s multi-tasking phones.

So, we have started off with a few negatives but there are some positives to take away from the Nokia 105. One of the positives is the battery life, which is unsurprisingly long, as the phone doesn’t require a great deal of power.

As we know, the old Nokia classics are great for battery life, and this one holds a 800mAh battery that lasts for over 12.5 hours on talk time, and will power through 35 days on standby without a charge.

The Nokia 105 is also splash proof and dust proof as it’s made from plastic, with those old style rubber keys that we came to love on the older Nokia phones.

I think if the price was a bit higher than it is, then critics would rip this phone apart in a negative manner. However, at €15 can you really complain?

  • debbie

    Crickey! What’s that? £12? Blog

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