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New Android OS To Be Called KitKat?

Google have a history of code-naming their Android Operating Systems with some unusual names, you only need to look at our History of Android Codename post to get an idea of some of the names. This time they seem to have topped it all off with the introduction of Android 4.4, which has also been dubbed as Android KitKat.


However, Android 4.4 seems to top it all off with Android KitKat, a move that apparently didn’t see any money swapping hands in the deal between Google and Nestle, which is also crazy to think.

Anyway, below you will see a video, which Google have rolled with, and to be honest I’m really finding this hard to believe as the video is utter cheese as well! With quotes such as:

“We have created Confectionary Perfectionary”

“With 2MB, 4MB and Chunky Byte option, no matter what break you are looking for…”


They have also designed and created a statue that can be seen towering above the Gingerbread and Jelly Bean statues outside its headquarters.

Android KitKat

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