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Nokia goes orchestral

In an effort to go one step better than its rivals, Nokia has contracted a 55-piece orchestra to create new ring tones. The orchestra is to be used on the Finnish outfit’s latest smartphones.

Ringtone music is a huge business these days, which Nokia appears to have cottoned on to. Nokia has also decided to go down a slightly different route to many of its competitors, who often use modern-style music. Nokia, in contrast, will use traditional classical-style music, including music from film scores.

All 25 tunes are original music arranged and played by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Some are already available on Nokia’s Lumia handsets, with others planned for later.

“We started exploring the idea through contemporary classical and film music; however, the final result was original pieces that are distinctively ring tones: they are short, and they all have a functional sounds element,” said Aleksi Eeben, a sound designer at Nokia.

He added: “The 25 original pieces, called ‘miniatures’, were composed by five Nokia Design in-house sound designers.”

Nokia, when it first launched as a mobile phone manufacture, was distinctive in a number of ways. As well as offering customers changeable covers, it also offered consumers distinctive ring tones. It seems therefore that Nokia’s management wants to try to recreate the initial excitement.

With the company in the doldrums and facing stiff competition from Apple and Android smartphones, will this be enough? Blog

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