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Nokia Lumia 720: Does it Deliver the Goods?

nokia lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720, an affordable upgrade from its similar-sized predecessor, Lumia 620, is a popular mobile device that has garnered a lot of attention since its initial release. And with good reason. Along with an improved camera, upgradable storage space, and a sleek trim body, this phone boasts a number of features that, for some, can be hard to ignore. Keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown on what you get when you choose Lumia 720.

Phone Body

Featuring a solid polycarbonate body, Lumia 720 will feel a lot more sturdy in your hand than some of the other phones in its category, many of which feature plastic skins. And Lumia 720 is only 9 millimeters thick, which means its not going to add an uncomfortable–and unsightly–bulge to your pant pocket. This phone finds a nice balance between sleekness and sturdiness.

Screen and Display

Lumia 720 Screen

Lumia 720 features a 4.3 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen. Screen images are brought to life in 16 million colors and pop with the exceptional detail afforded by the screen’s 480 x 800 available pixels. All of this technology is protected by sleek Corning Gorilla Glass ClearBlack, which lends an eye-catching layer of gloss to the face of the phone. This will enhance your phone’s durability as well as visual appeal.


If you like taking colorful, detailed photos with your cell phone, Lumia 720 won’t let you down. This phone’s 6.7 megapixel camera–with 1/3.6 sensor size–will dutifully record all of your wildest adventures. And if still-photos aren’t going to be enough to capture a particular event, rest assured that Lumia 720 shoots brilliant HD 720p video at a smooth 30 fps.

Lumia 720 Camera

Use the phone’s physical shutter button as a quick shortcut to the camera controls. No more swiping through multiple menus to start capturing priceless-but-fleeting moments.

Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 720 comes loaded with Windows Phone 8, which was thoughtfully designed to provide intuitive accessibility and a fully customizable smartphone experience. Windows Phone 8 is optimized for social networking and, thanks to its trademark “live tiles,” this operating system will make sure you’re constantly up to date regarding what your friends just had for dinner.

Upgradable Storage

Where some phones, such as the iPhone, don’t allow for any type of memory/storage expansion, Lumia 720 is a bit more user friendly. If this phone’s included 8 gigabytes of internal memory aren’t going to be enough, you have the option of expanding your available storage space via a convenient micro-SD card slot.

Though you may never need more than 8 gigs of space, just knowing that you have the ability to expand your storage space–should the need ever arise–is sure to be a comfort.

Included Accessories

Nokia doesn’t play any games regarding what’s included in the box. Contents include a special tool designed to give you access to the microSD and micro-SIM card slots, a charging cable (USB), user’s guide, AC adaptor, headset, and even a special tool designed to give you easy access to the built-in microSD and micro-SIM card slot. You’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running.

Nokia Lumia 720 is a sleek, sturdy and capable phone that’ll look good and feel good in your hand. Before committing to a purchase, be sure to visit a Nokia mobile phone vendor to give this phone a quick audition. Hold it in your hand, see how it feels in your pocket. Make sure that you can get behind Windows Phone 8. Just because this phone might be the bee’s knees for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right phone for you. It’s up to you to make the call. Blog

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