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Nokia To Use MeeGo Instead of Symbian

Finnish manufacturer Nokia has decided to switch from the Symbian operating system to MeeGo for its N series of handsets. The Nokia N8 is the last to use the platform.

However the company has said that they will still be offering Symbian for those devices with a broader appeal such as the X, E and C series of phones.

A spokesperson for Nokia said: “Nokia will naturally keep Symbian around — of course there’s a whole Symbian^4 to come — but will utilize it on more mass market devices as it seeks to push smartphones further down the product hierarchy.”

While some commentators believe this move will give Nokia a more competitive edge in the smartphone market, others fear that it could cause fragmentation. In other words, which platform should developers focus on?

What are the differences between the two operating systems?

Symbian is Nokia’s flagship operating system for mobile devices and smartphones. It is a descendant of the Psion EPOC platform and runs on ARM processors.

The software was created with three principles in mind. First, to ensure there is integrity and security of user data; second, to ensure that there is no user time wasted and third, to make better use of scarce resources.

MeeGo is a collaborative development between Nokia and Intel. Both companies worked together to find an operating software which combined the best of both their own platforms.

It was originally designed for use in netbooks. Blog