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Rare Apple 1 Computer With Accessories Set To Be Auctioned (VIDEO)

Rare Apple 1 Computer With Accessories Set To Be Auctioned (VIDEO) A few weeks ago we reported a story about a 1970s Apple-1 computer which failed to sell at a London auction, since then one has sold in New York and made £234,000.

Now just off the back of the iPad Mini unveiling last night we have seen reports that another Apple-1 is set to go to auction in Germany on November 24th, the only difference is that this time the computer comes with all the original accessories which include a tape player and tapes that contain software.

If enough interest is drummed up, which I am sure there will be, then we could be looking at the most expensive Apple product in history.

Apparently there are only six of these that are still in working order in the world, and as it’s the first ever Apple computer made you can see why it could sell from more than £234,000.

The Apple-1 was built and designed by hand back in the 70’s by Steve Wozniak, and with a bit of help from a man by the name of Steve Jobs they sold 200 units of the Apple-1.

The last one to sell in the UK was back in November 2010 where it fetched £133,250 at Christies in London.

How much do you think this one will sell for?

Here is a video that we have found, of the Apple-1 in action: Blog

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