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Sell Samsung Galaxy S3

With the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago (March 14th), we have noticed that many Samsung fans are now looking to sell Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets in order to get their hands on the new and updated S4.

Samsung Galaxy S3

At, you can get up to £251 for the S3, and we suggest cashing in fast as it is known that older devices tend to lose value quite quickly after a new phones has taken its place.

It was reported that 50 million S3’s were sold worldwide, and the impact of this flagship phone even turned Apple’s head, as the two giants went up against each other in various court battles throughout 2012.

What are your thoughts on the new Galaxy phone, will you be upgrading or even changing allegiance and moving to Samsung from another manufacturer?

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  • FullCircle_360

    I’m trying to sell my S3 right now, wish I had sold it last month so I would have gotten more for it but oh well. I’ll be getting a Nexus 4 to replace it with as I’m having issues with the bluetooth on the thing and samsung aren’t helping, still waiting for a response after 2 weeks Blog