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Should I get the new Samsung Galaxy S8?

samsung-galaxy-s8The whole tech world is abuzz with talk of the new Samsung mega-mobile: the Galaxy S8, and its taller sibling the Galaxy S8+.


As always, the two phones are technological marvels… but they also come with a flagship price tag. Thinking about buying one, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the cost? Here’s everything you need to know to help you decide.

What’s good about it?


It looks awesome


The S8 has a gorgeous design, with lots of shimmery metal and glass, and – best of all – it has a screen that covers almost the entirety of its surface, complete with curved edges at the sides. And that screen happens to be a Quad HD resolution beauty that’s even HDR-enabled.


It’s got super snappers


Like all Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S8 has got one of the best cameras around – 12MP lens, optical image stabilisation, and it can even record 4K video. The front-facing lens, meanwhile, is a whopping 8MP, making it one of the biggest selfie cameras you’ll find.


It’s tough


The screen is made of ultra-strong Gorilla Glass 5, so it’s not likely to crack any time soon. And it’s IP68 certified, meaning it’s water- and dust-resistant.


It’s powerful


Samsung’s stepped the processors up a notch: the S8 has an octa-core Exynos 8895 chipset. It’s so powerful, in fact, that you can use your phone as a computer with the DeX dock, which hooks it up to your monitor.


It won’t explode


Yes, we know you’re thinking it. Don’t worry – Samsung assures us that there won’t be a repeat of the Note 7 debacle. The batteries are fine, the company says, and they’ve employed extra safety measures to make sure.


What’s bad about it?


It ain’t cheap


Here’s the main kicker. Like all top mobile phones, the Galaxy S8 is a tad on the expensive side.


It really is quite big


Yeah, this phone is huge. The Galaxy S8+ especially so, coming in at about 16cm tall and 7cm wide. If you’ve got small hands, it may genuinely be too large for you to use.


The battery is concerning


Not because of catching-fire-related reasons, of course – but because of its size. The S8 is packing 3,000mAh, the same as the previous Galaxy S7. However, the S8 is more powerful, with a bigger, hungrier screen… so we’re a little worried about how long each charge will last.


Then again, there’s a smaller and much more energy-efficient chipset on board. Perhaps if it’s sucking less power, a bigger battery isn’t necessary.


The fingerprint sensor is a bit annoying


The fingerprint sensor has been shifted to the back of the phone – meaning you’ll probably smudge the camera at some point when you try and use it. You can always use the iris scanner or facial recognition tech on the front, but even that doesn’t work perfectly (and has already been fooled by a photograph).


Okay, how much does it cost?


Are you ready for this? The regular Samsung Galaxy S8 costs £689 to buy outright, while the larger S8+ costs £780. Ouch.


So is it worth it?


If you want an absolutely top-of-the-range smartphone, this is what you have to pay for it. For the specs and features you get with the Galaxy S8… yes, the price adds up. It’s worth it.


That doesn’t mean you should clear out your savings or re-mortgage your house to get your hands on one, though. Have a look at contract plans that can spread the cost out a bit, especially plans like O2 Refresh that keep your SIM tariff separate so you don’t pay too much.


Or, sell on your current phone through SellMyMobile – you’ll get a nice wad of cash to put towards a spanking new S8. It’s better value to buy it upfront, after all.


  • mcdaniel45t345

    New sumsung galaxy s8 is really a great phone indeed. But if you capare this phone with others then you may attract with new one. The price of this phone is so high also and it is somewhere little bit complecated. Blog

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