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Sky Go Extra to Let You Download Movies for £5 per Month


Sky Go is a service that allows you to watch TV channels on your computer or iPhone, as well as watching catch-up TV and movies. Now, the media giants are releasing Sky Go Extra, which will allow you to download the latest movies each month for just £5.

I guess that this is an attempt to reclaim some users who have ventured out to Netflix and LoveFilm, who Sky wants back under their wing.

The movies that you download will last for the duration of the month and you can download as many on-demand movies and TV as you want to. This means (if you have the time), you could download 400 TV programmes and 80 films, which can all be watched offline.

The service will be free for the first couple of months during its trial period, and it will help those commuters who do not have any connection, be able to watch TV offline by using the Sky Go service.

If you are a user of the Now TV service, this feature will also be available to you. Blog - Get a quote